press brakeDo you need to bend Sheet metal? Try our new high quality range of Pressbrakes. With all the tweaks you need.

guillotine Do you need to cut Sheet metal? Compare our Guillotines for price and quality.

Do you need to roll Sheet metal? Our pyramid type Plate Rollers comes with free section rollers and cone rolling facility.


Does your workshop have an Ironworker? Compare our multi-purpose machine. Now with Hydraulic Jacks and Laser Marker.

drilling machine Our range of Driling Machines will meet all your requirements. Why not get one now?

band saw

Bandsaws versus Cut-off saws and grinders.

Which one does it best?


thread rollerHow to make threaded rods and bolts? We can provide you all the know-how. Try our Thread Rollers.

slotting machineDo you require the cutting of slots, gears and keyways?

Try our new improved Slotting Machines.

roll former

Are you in the business of making roof profile sheets. We supply a wide range of Roll Formers with different profiles.